Ankur Chadha Podcast

Investing in Future: Ankur Chadha on Real Estate Investment & Strategies

The Ankur Chadha Journey: Real Estate, Dreams, and Success in the USA This episode of the Indian Community Podcast features a deep dive into the inspiring journey and insights of Ankur Chadda, the founder and managing partner of Foxtail Capital. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ankur shares his path from studying law and real estate in London to executing over $200 million in real estate deals, eventually pursuing the American dream in San Diego, California.

The discussion covers his motivations for moving to the U.S., the story behind Foxtail Capital’s name, and the company’s role in bridging the gap between busy professionals and investment opportunities in real estate, particularly focusing on built-to-rent and multifamily properties. Ankur illuminates the financial aspects of real estate investments, highlighting the importance of being an informed investor, understanding risks, and the impact of investor education on making sound decisions. The conversation also explores the significance of the Indian community’s interest in real estate investment, both in India and the U.S., offering valuable advice for prospective investors regarding opportunities, risk management, and achieving long-term financial goals.