Asif Saleem Podcast

A Culinary Journey with Asif Saleem from Lucknow Wale Kebabi

Asif Saleem, the ingenious mind behind Lucknow Wale Kababi in India. Born into a family of doctors, Asif charted a unique path.

Armed with a finance degree from Aligarh Muslim University, he joined his brothers packaging business serving clients like Eveready Battery and Gillette India.

In the year 2009, Asif pivoted to his true passion food. Lucknow Wale Kababi emerged, specializing in lucknow’s non-vegetarian delights. So what began locally soon went global with a strong presence in Dubai and recognition in Delhi’s culinary scene.

Asif often dubbed as the kebab, maestro has crafted a brand synonymous with excellence. His kebabs are a delight cherished by celebrities and food connoisseurs alike. Beyond the kitchen, Asif’s ties extend to Academy.

His brother in law holds a prestigious position at Princeton University. It’s a testament to Asif’s ability to blend tradition and modern modernity seamlessly.

Join us as we explore Asif Saleem’s extraordinary journey from finance to packaging and now the culinary world. Discover how he brought Lucknow’s flavours to the world stage.