Diwali Podcast

Celebrating Diwali in Atlanta, USA- Tesla, Rahul Mehra and Amit Gupta

Join Rahul Mehra and Amit Gupta as they take you on a vibrant journey through the festivities of Diwali in Atlanta, USA. In this engaging video, they delve into the heart of the celebration in the American South, showcasing the fusion of traditional customs and contemporary life.

Discover how Atlanta’s Indian community comes together to light up the city with cultural events that are as enlightening as they are entertaining. From the glittering decorations at local places of worship to the spectacular display of firecrackers that illuminate the night sky, this video is your all-access pass to one of the most anticipated festivals in the Indian calendar.

Rahul and Amit don’t just stop at the festivities; they also discuss the integration of Diwali celebrations with modern lifestyle elements, such as the eco-friendly touch of Tesla cars in the festival’s observance. They provide insights into how these electric vehicles are becoming a part of the Diwali experience, reflecting the community’s consciousness towards a sustainable future.

Whether you’re interested in the cultural significance of Diwali, looking for ways to celebrate in Atlanta, or simply curious about the Indian-American experience during this festive time, this video is for you. So, sit back, hit play, and immerse yourself in the joy and community spirit of Diwali in Atlanta with your hosts, Rahul and Amit.

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