Dr. Manasi Murthy Mittinty Podcast

Mental Health Revolution: Healing Together with Dr. Manasi Murthy Mittinty

Join Dr. Manasi Murthy Mittinty as she discusses bridging gaps in mental health equity. Learn about the impact of chronic pain on mental health and how to address these issues.

In this episode of the Indian Community Podcast, hosted by Rahul Mehra and Amit Gupta, distinguished physician scientist Dr. Manasi Murthy shares her insights on mental health equity, especially within indigenous and immigrant communities in Australia. 

Recognized for her personalized patient care programs, Dr. Murthy discusses the importance of mental health equity, her innovative approaches to patient care, and her efforts to ensure culturally sensitive treatment plans. The conversation covers Dr. Murthy’s groundbreaking work in developing web-based programs for training healthcare professionals, the impact of social and cultural factors on mental health, and the challenges faced by indigenous and immigrant communities. Additionally, Dr. Murthy addresses the crucial role of preventative programs in mental health care and discusses future directions for her research and programs.