Dr. Mittinty Podcast

Dr. Mittinty Explores Biostatistics, AI, and Mathematics in Healthcare

In this episode of the Indian Community Podcast, hosts Rahul Mehra and Amit Gupta interview Dr. Murthy Mittinty, an esteemed associate professor in Biostatistics at Flinders University, Australia. Dr. Mittinty discusses his journey from a curiosity in mathematics to pioneering research in biostatistics and its applications in health data science, including oral health and pain medicine.

He shares insights into the importance of asking the right research questions, the role of AI and machine learning in modern healthcare, and the ethics of data usage. Dr. Mittinty also emphasizes the

value of interdisciplinary learning, the language of mathematics in interpreting the world, and his belief in contributing back to the community. The conversation illuminates the critical aspects of biostatistics, causal inference, and the future of AI in healthcare.