The Indian Embassy in Laos announced on Sunday the successful rescue and repatriation of 13 Indian nationals. Among them were seven Odiya workers trapped in a wood factory in Attapeu province and six young Indians caught in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Bokeo province.

“To date, the Embassy has rescued 428 Indians from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR). We appreciate the cooperation of Lao authorities,” the Embassy shared on X.

Prioritizing the safety of Indian citizens, the Embassy urged workers heading to Laos to beware of fraudulent job offers. Earlier this month, an advisory was issued, highlighting recent cases where Indians were lured to Laos with fake job promises.

“These deceptive job offers, often for roles like ‘Digital Sales and Marketing Executives’ or ‘Customer Support Service,’ are from dubious companies involved in call-centre scams and cryptocurrency fraud in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone,” the advisory detailed.

Agents from Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and India recruit individuals through simple interviews and typing tests, promising high salaries, hotel bookings, return air tickets, and visa facilitation. However, once in Thailand, victims are illegally taken across the border into Laos and forced to work under severe conditions.

“Victims often face captivity, harsh treatment, and exploitation by criminal syndicates,” the advisory warned. It also noted that Indian workers in other regions of Laos, such as those in mining or wood factories, are similarly exploited.

The Embassy advised Indian nationals to exercise caution, thoroughly verify job offers, and avoid dubious recruitment schemes. “Visa on Arrival in Thailand or Laos does not permit employment. Lao authorities do not issue work permits for such visas. Those convicted of human trafficking face up to 18 years in prison in Laos,” the advisory concluded.