With bursts of color, rhythm, and movement, the North GA Indian Dance Festival 2024 turned West Forsyth High School into the lively center of Cumming, Georgia, drawing nearly 600 attendees.

Beyond just a festival, it was a vibrant celebration of Indian dance, showcasing a journey spanning 2300 years of history. The event featured captivating performances from esteemed dance groups like the Soorya Ensemble Los Angeles and Atlanta, Rudram Dance Company Florida, Darshini Natyalaya ATL, and Bharata Darshana ATL. Each performance aimed to whisk the audience through time, blending ancient traditions with modern flair.

State Representative Todd Jones shared his admiration, calling the festival a profound exchange between Georgia and India, not just through performances but as a cultural bridge.

Guru Sushma Mohan, artistic director of the Soorya Foundation for Performing Arts, emphasized the festival’s importance as a platform for cultural preservation and community unity. She invited everyone to join in next year’s celebration.

Honorees at the event included GA gurus Sasikala Penumarthi, Padmaja Kelam, Gayatri Seshadri, and Soujanya Madhusudhan, alongside special guest artist Guru Tara Priyadarshini from Tampa.

Guru Sushma Mohan expressed gratitude to all involved, looking forward to future festivals weaving cultural heritage into Cumming and beyond.

The Soorya Foundation, founded in Los Angeles by Guru Sushma Mohan, stands as a bastion of tradition and innovation in the performing arts, aiming to celebrate and share the rich tapestry of Indian classical dance and music for generations to come.