Aashna Patel, the dynamic Indian-American producer and performer, has secured a nomination for the prestigious 51st Daytime Emmy Award in the Legal/Courtroom Program category. Set to air on CBS this June 7th, the ceremony promises to be a celebration of her remarkable talent and contributions.

Patel’s nomination comes in recognition of her impactful work on syndicated shows like “Justice For the People with Judge Milian” and “We The People with Judge Lauren Lake.” With a career spanning across television, film, theater, and voiceover, Patel has consistently demonstrated her versatility and skill.

In a whirlwind two years, Patel has produced a staggering 405 episodes across nine court shows, partnering with major networks and platforms including NBC, CNN, Disney, Warner Brothers, E! Entertainment, and the Travel Channel.

Beyond her producing prowess, Patel has also made her mark as a captivating host, delving into a diverse array of topics ranging from entertainment to wellness. Her engaging content has found a platform on esteemed airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin America, and Air Canada.

But Patel’s talents extend far beyond the screen. She has graced red carpets, interviewing A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, and Dwayne Johnson, while also lending her voice to emcee various charitable events.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Patel’s musical journey includes the release of a pop album under Universal Music, Canada, and performances of national anthems at NBA and MLB games. Furthermore, she shares her expertise as a performance coach for executives at tech giants like Google and Facebook, and serves as a spokesperson for brands in health, wellness, beauty, and technology.

Her creative endeavors continue to expand as she ventures into the realm of children’s literature, currently penning her first book. With each project, Aashna Patel continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted talents, solidifying her status as a true luminary in the entertainment industry.