Karnataka NRI Chapter Now Up and Running in Bahrain

Good news for Kannadigas in Bahrain! The Karnataka Non-Resident Indians (NRI) community is thrilled to announce the launch of the NRI Forum Karnataka Bahrain. This forum aims to bring together and empower Kannadigas living and working in Bahrain.

Under the banner of the NRI Forum Karnataka Government, a project initiated by the Karnataka government to strengthen ties with its diaspora, the forum has been set up. There are even plans in the pipeline for a dedicated NRI ministry and the construction of an NRI Bhavan in Karnataka.

Here’s what the forum will offer:

Networking Opportunities: Connect and socialize with fellow Kannadigas through events, gatherings, and cultural festivities.

Support Services: Extend assistance and guidance to newcomers in Bahrain, helping them settle into the local community seamlessly.

Cultural Promotion: Showcase Karnataka’s rich culture and heritage to the Bahraini community, and celebrate important festivals together.

Philanthropic Endeavors: Give back to society through charitable initiatives benefiting both Karnataka and Bahrain.

The Karnataka NRI Chapter Bahrain welcomes all Kannadigas residing in Bahrain. With a primary focus on serving the approximately 25,000 Kannadigas in Bahrain, the forum, operating under the NRI Committee Karnataka, will provide its services according to the ‘NRI code of conduct,’ led by Karnataka NRI Rajyotsava Prashasti Awardee Mr. Raj Kumar Bhaskara.

The forum looks forward to receiving advice and support from the Indian embassy. Here are the newly appointed office bearers of the chapter, who are actively engaged in various organizations:

– President: Raj Kumar Bhaskar

– Vice President: Vijay Kumar Naik Vorkadi

– General Secretary: Roshan Lewis

– Treasurer: Mangesh Desai

– Assistant General Secretary: Vitla Jumaluddin

– Executive Committee Members: Mallikarjuna Patil, Raghavendra Prasad S, Ganesh Manila

With this setup, the Karnataka NRI Chapter in Bahrain is poised to serve the community effectively and efficiently.