British national Virajit Mungale, originally from Thane, completed an extraordinary 18,300 km road trip from London to Thane, covering 16 countries in 59 days. Starting on April 20 and finishing on June 17, Mungale’s journey spanned the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Inspired by the historic Silk Route, Mungale meticulously planned his route and secured necessary permissions for each country. Averaging 400-600 km daily, with some days reaching 1,000 km, he avoided night driving for safety. Despite a minor technical issue in Poland, the journey was largely smooth.

Taking two months of unpaid leave from his IT job, Mungale faced diverse weather and minor altitude sickness but was well-prepared. His wife joined him from Kathmandu for the final leg. The trip, requiring nearly 3,000 liters of fuel, was carefully planned to manage fatigue and ensure safety.

Mungale’s adventure, marked by thorough preparation and support from his family, highlights the wonders and challenges of overland travel across diverse terrains and cultures.

Source: Times of India