Colossa Ventures, a SEBI-registered venture capital management firm, has reached a significant milestone with the first close of its debut fund, Colossa WomenFirst Fund, securing Rs 100 crore in commitments. The fund, with a target corpus of Rs 500 crore, is poised to bring about a transformative shift in the startup landscape by directing its investments exclusively towards businesses either founded or co-founded by women, or those predominantly benefiting women.

Articulating a bold mission, the fund’s co-founders, Ashu Suyash and Vandana Rajadhyaksha, aim to unlock the vast potential of India’s trillion-dollar women’s economy, an area they believe remains significantly underexplored, underfunded, and undervalued. Colossa WomenFirst Fund is geared towards supporting women entrepreneurs with high potential, facilitating the growth of disruptive ventures that promise robust financial performance alongside meaningful societal impact.

Focusing primarily on early-stage investments, particularly preceding the Series A stage and beyond, the fund intends to diversify its portfolio across various sectors including healthcare and health technology, financial technology, climate and clean technology, deep technology, and consumer products. Embracing a versatile approach, the fund’s strategy transcends sector boundaries, leveraging gender diversity as a catalyst for maximizing returns on investment.

The inaugural round of funding has attracted a diverse array of investors, ranging from institutions like SIDBI to family offices such as Dr. Ranjan Pai’s Family Office and the Shriram Ownership Trust. Employing a distinctive framework known as the 3C framework – emphasizing Capital, Capability, and Confidence – the Colossa WomenFirst Fund seeks to curate a specialized portfolio of investments aimed at nurturing the growth of women-led businesses. With a commitment to identifying, nurturing, and accelerating the growth of women-led enterprises, Colossa Ventures aims to significantly influence the startup landscape in India and beyond.