D’chica, an innovative brand tailored for teenage girls and young women, is making waves in the innerwear market by prioritizing confidence and comfort. Their diverse product range includes bras, camisoles, panties, and period panties, resonating not only with their target audience but also garnering approval from mothers, a testament to its broad appeal and earned trust.

Founded by Richa and Vani, sisters-in-law hailing from Delhi, D’chica’s inception was preceded by a challenging venture in Kidswear that resulted in significant financial setbacks. However, undeterred by failure, they leveraged their experiences to identify a niche in the innerwear market for teens and young women. Combining Richa’s expertise in fashion business from Pearl Academy with Vani’s background in media and communication consultancy, D’chica emerged in 2020 with a mission to cater specifically to the needs and preferences of their target demographic.

Operating across online and offline sales channels, D’chica has forged partnerships with major online retailers and expanded into general trade and special interest stores. With five manufacturing units, including an in-house facility, the brand ensures stringent quality control and efficient supply chain management. Direct consumer engagement through social media and school activations has been integral to D’chica’s strategy, fostering a community and enabling them to directly address the evolving needs of their audience.

Recognizing the unique requirements of teenage girls and young women, D’chica’s product line focuses on accommodating changing body shapes without compromising on comfort or style. Their offerings are distinguished by quality fabrics, absence of uncomfortable hooks, and designs tailored to their demographic’s specific needs.

The founders’ pitch for investment underscored their vision for D’chica’s future, seeking Rs 80 lakh for a 1% stake, valuing the company at Rs 80 crore. Negotiations with investors Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh resulted in securing Rs 80 lakh for a 2% stake, with an additional agreement for a 1% royalty until the investment is repaid, adjusted to a revised valuation of 40 crores.

Looking ahead, D’chica aims to solidify its position as the preferred choice for teenage girls and young women seeking comfortable, fashionable, and confidence-boosting innerwear. Plans include expanding product offerings, enhancing manufacturing capabilities, and increasing both online and offline presence to further meet the demands of their growing customer base.