Deakin University and Boeing India Join Forces for Aerospace Innovation

Deakin University, one of Australia’s premier institutions, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Boeing India to enhance research in high-temperature applications within the aerospace and defense sectors. This partnership will focus on alloy development and the additive manufacturing of titanium aluminide, aiming to drive technological advancements and innovation.

Under the new industry research partnership, Deakin will recruit a PhD scholar to lead the research efforts. The project will be spearheaded by Associate Professors Wei Xu and Thomas Dorin from Deakin University, in collaboration with Dr. Kishora Shetty, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing India.

“This partnership showcases our commitment to solving industry-specific challenges and driving innovation,” said Associate Professor Wei Xu. “We look forward to pooling our expertise with Boeing to optimize solutions for high-temperature applications.”

This collaboration highlights a strategic move to strengthen ties between academia and industry, preparing a work-ready workforce and enhancing the job readiness of research scholars. By leveraging the combined expertise and resources of Deakin and Boeing, the initiative aims to address critical challenges in the aerospace and defense industries.

The alliance underscores the importance of integrating academic excellence with industry innovation to foster a new generation of highly skilled professionals. It is expected to provide continuous learning opportunities and ensure training remains aligned with industry advancements.

In related news, Deakin University recently launched the 2024 Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Program for Indian students, part of its ‘Changing Lives’ initiative. This program, marking its eleventh year, aims to support academically outstanding Indian students to study in Australia.

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