Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt Ltd (DRPPL), a joint venture between the Government of Maharashtra and the Adani Group, has announced the commencement of a pivotal survey initiative slated to commence on March 18. This extensive survey aims to gather crucial data from the multitude of informal tenement residents, setting the stage for determining their eligibility for rehabilitation within the proposed redevelopment project.

An unprecedented milestone within the initiative includes the creation of ‘Digital Dharavi,’ heralding the inception of an advanced repository documenting one of the world’s largest informal settlements. A spokesperson from DRPPL expressed optimism, stating, “It marks the commencement of Dharavi’s transformation into a world-class township, a cutting-edge urban enclave nestled within the heart of Mumbai. We implore all Dharavikars to extend their support to this endeavor, pivotal in facilitating the rehabilitation process and ultimately realizing their aspirations of owning their dream homes.”

The survey will debut in Kamla Raman Nagar, where each informal tenement will be assigned a unique identifier. Subsequently, a ‘Lidar Survey’ will map the lanes with precision, followed by a meticulous document scanning process facilitated by a specially developed application deployed by a trained team. Furthermore, a toll-free helpline (1800-268-8888) has been activated to address any inquiries or concerns raised by Dharavikars.

Earlier this year, DRPPL announced its collaboration with renowned architect Hafeez Contractor for the ambitious Dharavi project, envisioning the redevelopment and rehabilitation of approximately one million residents residing in one of Asia’s largest slum clusters. The projected timeline for rehabilitating eligible slum dwellers spans seven years, with the overall project expected to span 17 years to fruition. In a significant development, Adani Group emerged victorious in securing the Dharavi redevelopment project bid in November 2022, pledging an initial investment of Rs 5,069 crore towards the over Rs 20,000-crore project.

Dharavi gained global recognition as one of the filming locations for the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. The comprehensive overhaul of Dharavi is slated to unfold over a 17-year timeline, with seven years earmarked for the construction of homes under the rehabilitation component.