With remote work gaining popularity, fueled by the trend of digital nomadism, more people are embracing the idea of traveling while keeping their careers afloat. Countries around the world are responding to this trend with various visa options tailored for remote workers. Here’s a simplified rundown:

1. Indonesia: While there’s no specific digital nomad visa, Indian nationals can work in Indonesia with the E33G visa for up to a year. It requires proof of funds and employment outside Indonesia, and it costs about $150, taking 7-14 days to process.

2. Mauritius: The Mauritius Premium Travel Visa allows digital nomads to stay and work for six months to a year, with possible renewal. Applicants need to show a minimum monthly income, employment outside Mauritius, and adequate accommodation and insurance. The visa is free.

3. Portugal: Offering a digital nomad visa for non-EU/EEA residents, Portugal allows a one-year stay with multiple entries. Applicants must be over 18, demonstrate remote work or independent activity, and meet financial and accommodation requirements. The visa costs €90.

4. Germany: While lacking a dedicated digital nomad visa, Germany provides a Freelance Visa for remote workers. Applicants need to be in liberal professions, show financial sufficiency for a year, among other requirements. It costs approximately €75 and allows a one-year stay, extendable to three.

5. Greece: Greece invites non-EU residents with its digital nomad visa, requiring proof of employment or independent work, financial stability, and accommodation arrangements. It costs around €75 and permits a one-year stay, processed in two weeks to a month.

6. Bahamas: The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) visa allows remote workers to stay for up to a year, with multiple entries. Requirements include proof of employment, financial stability, and medical insurance. It costs $25, with extra fees for dependents.

7. Spain: Spain’s digital nomad visa is open to remote professionals outside Spain, needing a degree or work experience, along with proof of employment, residence, and health insurance. It costs €73.26.

8. Seychelles: The Workcation Retreat Program visa in Seychelles is valid for a year for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Requirements include proof of employment, income, accommodation, and health insurance. It costs €10.

9. Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa is for those employed outside the country, with a minimum income requirement. Applicants need to provide bank statements and complete the online application. It costs $100.