In the quiet lanes of Nennal mandal, while many engage in traditional farming, Chiluveru Sahithi is creating culinary magic. Operating from two rooms in her home, she employs 10 women to help prepare an array of authentic snacks, pickles, sweets, and more.

Sahithi, an engineering graduate, manages to connect with clients from across Telangana and even overseas in America, Canada, the UK, and Australia through her mobile phone. This tech-savvy entrepreneur’s venture, “Flavours of Telugu,” has gained significant attention on Instagram, showcasing her 40 types of snacks and various other delicacies.

“I combined my passion for cooking with my entrepreneurial dreams, creating jobs for 20 people directly and indirectly. Now, I earn as much as a software engineer with 15 years of experience,” Sahithi told Telangana Today.

Her journey began during the COVID-19 lockdown when she posted videos of her mother’s recipes, receiving overwhelming responses from NRIs and food enthusiasts. Encouraged by the feedback, the 26-year-old quit her job at TCS in 2022 to fully dedicate herself to her new venture.

What started as one or two orders a day has grown to 30 to 40 daily orders, with clients praising the nostalgic, home-cooked flavors. Sahithi plans to expand “Flavours of Telugu” to Hyderabad soon, focusing on maintaining the quality that has driven her success. “I’m proud to help society and create jobs, all from a small village with limited resources,” she said, beaming with pride.