Hitwicket, the cricket gaming startup hailing from Hyderabad, has scored a major win by bringing on board Harsha Bhogle, one of cricket’s most beloved commentators, as a strategic investor.

This exciting partnership aims to tap into Bhogle’s extensive cricketing knowledge and passion to create engaging content and gaming experiences for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

With Bhogle on their team, Hitwicket is eyeing a grand target of hitting 50 million downloads globally within the next two years.

Founded in 2020 by Keerti Singh and Kashyap Reddy, Hitwicket offers a cricket strategy game along with a multiplayer version known as Hitwicket Superstars. The startup proudly boasts over 5 million downloads across 109 countries.

Harsha Bhogle, fondly referred to as “The Voice of Cricket,” brings over four decades of cricket commentary experience to the table. His deep understanding and love for the game are expected to give Hitwicket a significant boost in appeal and global reach.

Bhogle’s involvement also aligns with his passion for expanding cricket’s horizons, especially in places like the United States, where cricket is gaining traction with initiatives like Major League Cricket and the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup in June 2024.

“I’m excited to jump on board with Hitwicket as an investor and contribute to the evolution of mobile cricket gaming. Hitwicket’s innovative approach and dedication to delivering an immersive gaming experience set it apart in the industry,” remarked Harsha Bhogle.

“I see immense potential in Hitwicket to become a global gaming sensation. I believe Hitwicket has what it takes to be the premier Made in India cricket game that brings together India and the world, shining a spotlight on India’s prowess in mobile cricket gaming. Its global aspirations prove that an Indian game can truly make waves internationally,” he added.

Hitwicket stands out by offering a unique gaming experience where players assume the roles of team owners, coaches, and captains. The startup prides itself on attracting a diverse user base, including a noteworthy percentage of female players, spanning ages from 10 to 60.

The game’s ability to captivate users for an average of 4.9 hours per week surpasses the Indian average for mid-core games.

Keerti Singh and Kashyap Reddy, the co-founders of Hitwicket, expressed their excitement about Bhogle’s involvement, saying, “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Bhogle on board. His wealth of experience, cricket insights, and love for the game will be invaluable assets for us.”

“After meeting Bhogle last month and discussing Hitwicket’s vision and potential, we’re even more thrilled to welcome him as an investor. With Bhogle’s guidance, we’re confident that Hitwicket will continue to soar to new heights and cement its position as a global gaming leader,” they concluded.