IBM and HCLTech have announced the launch of Generative AI Centres of Excellence in the US, UK, and India. These centers will leverage IBM’s watsonX AI and data platform and will be hosted within HCL’s AI and Cloud Native Labs located in Noida, London, New Jersey, and Santa Clara. The centers aim to assist clients in their Generative AI journey by facilitating experimentation, reducing coding complexity, and enhancing skills development.

The initiative includes a commitment to train 10,000 engineers and architects on IBM’s watsonX platform, equipping them to build and implement Generative AI use cases. Clients will gain access to a variety of educational and training resources related to IBM’s watson-based technologies, including,, watsonx.governance, watsonx Code Assistants, watsonx Orchestrate, and watsonx Assistant.

Stephen Smith, IBM’s General Manager of Service Partners, emphasized the importance of responsible AI adoption, stating that the centers are designed to empower clients to explore and develop Generative AI solutions that address their business needs. HCLTech’s EVP Alan Flower highlighted the integration of watsonX into HCLTech’s AI Force suite, aimed at supporting code modernization and driving innovation.

This partnership follows a similar trend in the industry, with Salesforce recently opening its first AI center in London to foster innovation and upskilling among customers and partners.

Source: Tech Informed