Snowflake, the prominent American data cloud company, has recently disclosed the departure of Frank Slootman from his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), simultaneously appointing Sridhar Ramaswamy, an alumnus of IIT, as the new CEO and board member effective immediately. According to the company’s release, Slootman will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board. Ramaswamy, previously holding the position of Senior Vice President of AI at Snowflake, brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

Ramaswamy, a graduate of IIT Madras and holder of a Ph.D. from Brown University in the United States, co-founded Neeva, the world’s first private AI-powered search engine, before its acquisition by Snowflake last year. Joining Snowflake in May 2023, Ramaswamy spearheaded the launch of Snowflake Cortex, a fully managed service simplifying AI adoption for users to drive business value swiftly.

Prior to his tenure at Snowflake, Ramaswamy played a pivotal role in shaping Google’s advertising products during his 15-year tenure. His contributions were instrumental in the exponential growth of Google’s advertising business. With a robust research background at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, and Bell Communications Research, Ramaswamy brings a breadth of expertise to his new role. Moreover, his experience as a Venture Partner at Greylock Partners and board membership at Brown University further underscore his leadership capabilities.

Slootman expressed confidence in Ramaswamy, highlighting his visionary approach and proven track record in technology and business scaling. Similarly, Ramaswamy acknowledged Slootman’s contributions in establishing Snowflake as a leading cloud data platform, emphasizing the company’s commitment to leveraging AI for customer benefit. Ramaswamy articulated the company’s focus on driving business value through AI and innovation, aligning with Snowflake’s mission to provide a secure, scalable, and cost-effective data foundation for enterprises.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform facilitates data consolidation, access, and analysis, empowering organizations to unlock insights and drive decision-making. Moreover, its emphasis on privacy, security, and data-driven application development underscores Snowflake’s commitment to enabling digital transformation through data utilization.