German Ambassador to India and Bhutan, Dr. Philip Ackermann, celebrated a Punjabi song created by Indians living in Germany, calling it the “unofficial anthem” of the 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2024). The German Embassy in India expressed excitement on X (formerly Twitter) on June 17, sharing a video of people dancing to the song with Punjabi beats, showing their enthusiasm for Euro 2024.

The championship, which began on June 14 and will run until July 14, features 24 teams, including debutant Georgia. The shared video featured two men, Monty and Lovely, singing a Punjabi song while wrapped in German flags. The song’s lyrics celebrate the EuroCup in Germany, expressing hope for a win using the “Home Advantage” and recalling Germany’s past victories.

Monty and Lovely, long-time residents of Hamburg, have been creating music for years, blending German lyrics with Punjabi beats. Dr. Ackermann praised their creation, dubbing it a new genre, “Dollywood”; Bollywood made in Deutschland. He highlighted the song’s happy spirit and its popularity in Germany, noting it symbolizes the growing cultural connection between India and Germany.

The song has strengthened the bond between the two nations, showcasing the influence of Indian culture in Germany as they unite to celebrate football and friendship. Dr. Ackermann also noted the record number of Indians living, studying, and working in Germany, contributing to this cultural blend.

Source: The Print