Mumbai-based agricultural produce startup Indic Wisdom has announced the successful raise of Rs 4 crore in a pre-Series A funding round, led by Inflection Point Ventures, a prominent angel investment firm based in Gurugram. The funding round also witnessed participation from Mahendra Sankhe, Launch Capital, Bifco Finance, and various other high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). With this infusion of capital, the startup plans to intensify its visibility, expand its distribution network, and bolster production capacity to enhance market presence and operational efficiency.

Established by Kaustubh Khare and Prajakta Khare, Indic Wisdom Pvt. Limited is a Mumbai-based producer of food staples, with a primary focus on wood-pressed oils. The startup aims to rejuvenate India’s traditional food preparation methods through continual innovation and the application of contemporary quality standards to deliver goodness to all. Kaustubh, boasting 15 years of experience in digital supply chain management utilizing SAP ERP, serves as the Founder and Director, while Prajakta, the Co-Founder and Director, brings 14 years of expertise in SAP ERP, with a specialization in customer relationship management, campaign management, and digital distribution management.

Commenting on the company’s mission, Prajakta Khare, Founder & Director of Indic Wisdom, stated, “At Indic Wisdom, our objective is to propagate India’s timeless tradition of prasad – food that is pure, sustainable, and accessible to all – to every corner of the globe. We achieve this by infusing our ancient wisdom and food production practices with modern production best practices and quality standards.” Operating from its zero-waste manufacturing facility in Palghar, the startup is committed to local employment support and showcasing Indian manufacturing potential on the global platform. It reports a monthly GMV of Rs 2.5 crore.

According to recent industry projections, the Cold Pressed Oil market in India is expected to reach approximately ₹40,000 crores by 2030. On a global scale, the category is forecasted to reach $30 billion by 2028. These figures underscore the significant growth and economic importance of the Cold Pressed Oil market, both domestically and internationally, as highlighted by the company. Indic Wisdom asserts a positive PAT status for the past four years. Its extensive range of oils and multi-channel presence further solidify its unique market position. Presently, the company operates at a scale where it extracts 70 thousand liters of oil per month.