Indian tourists may soon enjoy free entry visas to Indonesia, as part of a project to boost tourism and stimulate the economy. Indonesian Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno announced the visa exemption policy for 20 countries, including India, aiming for finalization before October 2024.

The initiative seeks to increase foreign tourist visits, generating economic benefits through higher domestic consumption and investment. Minister Uno highlighted that pre-pandemic visitors spent around $900 per person, a figure that has now risen to approximately $1,600, indicating a shift towards quality tourism.

Countries recommended for visa-free access include Australia, China, India, South Korea, USA, UK, France, Germany, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, and two unspecified Middle Eastern countries. Currently, nine ASEAN members enjoy visa-free entry to Indonesia.

For Indians, various visa types are available for travel to Indonesia, including transit visas, visit visas, limited stay visas, diplomatic visas, and visas on arrival. Tourist visa options range from Type B1 (30 days) to Type D1 (5 years), each with specific stay durations, costs, and requirements.

Indonesia aims to grow tourist arrivals and support the local economy through this policy, focusing on attracting visitors who stay longer and spend more. The expected boost in tourism will aid in the development of the digital economy and enhance overall economic growth.

Source: Business Standard