Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Tata Motors’ British luxury vehicle brand, has announced an ambitious investment plan of £18 billion (Rs 1.9 trillion) until FY28, a 20% increase from its previous £15 billion plan. This investment aims to enhance JLR’s product development, particularly focusing on electrification and modern luxury.

In FY24, JLR invested £3.3 billion and plans to increase this to £3.5 billion in FY25. The company aims to achieve a net cash-positive position by FY25 and a double-digit EBIT margin of 10% by FY26. JLR’s FY24 revenue hit a record £29 billion, reflecting a strong financial performance.

The investment will support JLR’s electrification roadmap, including the introduction of a new battery electric Range Rover and further investments in the Range Rover and Defender portfolios. JLR is advancing its industrial footprint, vehicle programs, digital technologies, and workforce skills. The company is conducting physical testing across its three vehicle architectures: Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA), Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA), and Jaguar Electrified Architecture (JEA).

In a strategic move, JLR has signed a letter of intent with its Chinese JV partner Chery Automobile to license the Freelander brand for developing electric vehicles in China. This collaboration will produce EVs based on Chery’s architecture, designed by both companies, at CJLR’s Changshu facility.

JLR’s commitment to the Chinese market is underscored by a 35% increase in imports to 54,000 units in FY24, despite a 2% dip in domestic retail volumes.

Source: Business Standard