The Karnataka government has officially requested the establishment of a 15% NRI quota in government autonomous medical colleges, starting from the academic year 2025-26. Medical Education Minister Sharan Prakash Patil announced that he has written to the Chairman of the National Medical Commission (NMC), seeking approval for 508 supernumerary MBBS seats across 22 government medical colleges in the state.

The proposal aims to enhance both financial inflow and educational quality in Karnataka’s medical institutions. Minister Patil highlighted the state’s intention to follow precedents set by Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab, where similar NRI quotas have already been implemented. He referenced UGC guidelines and the National Education Policy 2020 to support the inclusion of international students, emphasizing its importance for global outreach and improvement of educational standards.

Despite existing funding sources, Karnataka’s autonomous medical institutions face financial challenges that hinder their ability to transform into centers of excellence. Patil argued that additional funds from the NRI quota are essential for improving infrastructure, faculty strength, research capabilities, and overall educational quality.

To avoid reducing opportunities for underprivileged students and potential protests, Patil proposed the creation of supernumerary seats specifically for NRIs, rather than adjusting the current annual intake. He suggested an annual fee of Rs 25 lakh per NRI student, which could significantly boost revenue for the state’s medical colleges.

Expressing confidence in the Centre’s approval, Patil believes the introduction of the NRI quota will commence from the 2025-26 academic year, positioning Karnataka’s medical institutions for enhanced growth and development.

Source: India Today