In anticipation of International Yoga Day on June 21, the High Commission of India organized a yoga event at Trafalgar Square in London, with over 700 participants joining in despite heavy rain. This event highlighted the theme of women’s empowerment and showcased the growing global popularity of yoga.

Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami expressed his pleasure at the turnout, emphasizing the significance of having such a large gathering in a central location. He noted the participation of multiple yoga schools, which led the practice and demonstrated the unifying power of yoga. “Yoga unites everybody and is for everybody,” Doraiswami said, echoing Prime Minister Modi’s message.

Doraiswami also pointed out the increased number of participants and the greater diversity of communities involved this year. He stressed that the focus remains on yoga’s role in healing and personal growth, rather than just increasing participation numbers. “The idea was to continue yoga as a means of healing and growing,” he added.

Hirdesh Gupta, Co-founder of the Indian Diaspora in the UK, praised the event and thanked PM Modi for recognizing Yoga at the United Nations, which has led to its global adoption. He remarked on the significance of celebrating the 10th International Day of Yoga and the widespread acceptance of yoga in daily life.

This event, organized by the High Commission of India, underscores the strong cultural ties between India and the UK and promotes the holistic benefits of yoga to a diverse audience.

Source: India Today