Mitsubishi Electric launches new manufacturing facility in Talegaon, Maharashtra, Japan

Mitsubishi Electric, the renowned electronics and electrical equipment manufacturer based in Japan, has recently made significant strides in expanding its operations in India. The company has unveiled a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializing in advanced factory automation (FA) systems, situated in the bustling Talegaon Industrial area of Maharashtra.

Having already established its presence in India’s FA sector since the mid-1990s, Mitsubishi Electric solidified its commitment in 2012 by acquiring a domestic FA systems manufacturer. Subsequently, in 2013, it commenced local production, marking a pivotal moment in its Indian journey.

This latest endeavor, boasting an investment of Rs 220 crore (approximately 24.5 million EUR), is poised to elevate Mitsubishi Electric’s footprint in the region. With a focus on manufacturing inverters and other FA products, the facility is strategically positioned to cater to the burgeoning demand across various sectors including automobiles, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, data centers, and textiles.

Spanning across two floors and sprawling over 15,400 square meters, the cutting-edge factory stands as a testament to Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to sustainability. Nestled near Pune, Maharashtra, the facility is meticulously designed to operate in harmony with the environment, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality.

Reports indicate that the facility incorporates innovative features aimed at minimizing its carbon footprint. From efficient air-conditioning systems to LED lighting, every aspect is carefully crafted to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, water recycling mechanisms integrated through filtration and greening processes underscore the site’s dedication to meeting sustainability targets.

Beyond its environmental endeavors, the manufacturing facility holds immense promise in bolstering Mitsubishi Electric’s production capabilities to meet the surging local demand. Notably, this expansion aligns seamlessly with the Indian government’s ambitious “Make in India” initiative, further underscoring Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to fostering indigenous manufacturing capabilities.

In essence, Mitsubishi Electric’s latest venture not only signifies a milestone in its Indian operations but also exemplifies a harmonious blend of technological innovation and environmental stewardship.