Nanak Foods contributes $500,000 to Surrey's new BC Cancer Centre

In a generous display of community support, Surrey-based Nanak Foods has stepped up to the plate with a substantial donation of $500,000 to the forthcoming BC Cancer centre in Surrey. The BC Cancer Foundation proudly announced this significant contribution, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to combat cancer in the region.

Since its establishment in Surrey in 1997, Nanak Foods has flourished into the largest producer of dairy-based South Asian foods in North America. With deep roots in the community, the Nanak Foods family has been profoundly affected by cancer, witnessing its impact on employees, family members, and patrons alike. Driven by a sense of duty and compassion, Nanak Foods has pledged its support to the BC Cancer Foundation, recognizing the vital role it plays in delivering quality healthcare to all residents.

Raj Arneja, Director of Community Engagement & Philanthropy at Nanak Foods, underscored the importance of community involvement in addressing healthcare challenges. “A thriving community demands the active participation of its members,” Arneja stated. “As such, we believe it is our responsibility to bridge the gaps in healthcare services by supporting initiatives like the BC Cancer Foundation centre.”

Kristina Lebed, Executive Director for the Fraser region at the BC Cancer Foundation, expressed profound gratitude for Nanak Foods’ contribution, emphasizing the critical need for enhanced cancer care infrastructure in the region. Lebed highlighted the staggering statistics, with over 10,000 new cancer cases diagnosed annually in the Fraser region alone. As the population continues to grow and age, the demand for comprehensive cancer care services becomes increasingly urgent.

The new BC Cancer centre in Surrey aims to address this pressing need by providing state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology. With a fundraising goal of $30 million, the BC Cancer Foundation’s campaign represents a significant investment in the health and well-being of the community. The centre is poised to accommodate an additional 50,000 radiation and 22,000 chemotherapy visits annually, offering timely access to life-saving treatments for patients in the fastest-growing region of British Columbia.

One of the cornerstone features of the new centre is the introduction of a PET/CT scanner and cyclotron, essential tools in cancer diagnostics and research. Currently, patients requiring PET/CT scans must travel to Vancouver, underscoring the importance of bringing this technology closer to home. The inclusion of a cyclotron will further bolster the region’s clinical trials program, facilitating breakthroughs in cancer research and attracting top-tier talent to the area.

As Nanak Foods leads the charge in supporting the BC Cancer centre in Surrey, the BC Cancer Foundation calls upon the community to join in this vital endeavor. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer, ensuring that individuals and families receive the care and support they deserve.

To contribute to the new BC Cancer centre in Surrey, visit and stand alongside Nanak Foods in this crucial initiative.