Expats working in Kuwait’s domestic sector can now transfer their visas to the private sector under new rules introduced by the Kuwait government. Sheikh Fahad Al Yousuf Al Sabah, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Interior, announced this change to streamline the visa transfer process within the country’s legal labor framework.

Starting July 14, domestic workers can transfer to the private sector if they meet specific conditions. According to Gulf News, these conditions include obtaining approval from their current employer, completing at least one year of residency with the current employer, and paying a transfer fee of 50 dinars (about Dh600). Additionally, there will be a charge of 10 dinars for each year of service with the current employer.

This move follows Kuwait’s recent efforts to regulate and manage its foreign workforce more effectively. In June, Kuwait ended a three-month amnesty period that allowed expats residing unlawfully in the country to rectify their status. During the amnesty, expats had the options to pay penalties, obtain new residency, or leave the country without incurring fines. This amnesty was part of a broader initiative by the Kuwaiti government to improve the management of its foreign labor force.

The new visa rules aim to provide more flexibility and opportunities for expats working in the domestic sector, facilitating their transition to the private sector while ensuring compliance with the country’s legal requirements.

Source: The Times of India