NRI Couple's Cross-Continental Crusade From Munich to Muzzaffarpur to Cast Their Votes

In a heartening display of civic duty, Mani Prakash and Supriya Srivastava, residents of Munich, Germany, made a remarkable journey back to their roots in Muzzaffarpur, Bihar, to exercise their franchise. Their return after nearly a decade underscored a powerful message of electoral responsibility.

The couple’s decision to traverse continents to cast their votes in the fifth phase of elections garnered admiration from their relatives and neighbors in Bairia, Muzzaffarpur. Their arrival was greeted with warmth and celebration, symbolizing the significance of active participation in the democratic process.

Supriya Srivastava, formerly a voter at Brahmapura polling center before relocating to Germany post-marriage, emphasized the importance of voting despite geographical distances. “It is our responsibility to participate in the democratic process,” she asserted, echoing sentiments of civic duty and national interest.

Mani Prakash, who spearheads the Bihar and Jharkhand Fronternity Munich organization in Germany, emphasized the pivotal role of elections in shaping the country’s future. As the secretary of the organization, he stressed the need for selecting competent leadership through active democratic engagement.

Their actions resonated deeply in Muzzaffarpur, where polling for the Lok Sabha seat commenced under stringent security measures. The electoral battleground witnessed a showdown between BJP’s Rajbhushan Nishad and Congress’s Ajay Nishad, with voters turning out to exercise their democratic rights.

In an era where voter apathy looms large, Mani Prakash and Supriya Srivastava’s transcontinental journey stands as a beacon of electoral responsibility, urging citizens to heed their call and participate actively in shaping the nation’s destiny.