Pune Chaiwala Brews Success, Rakes in INR 15 Lakh a Month

While many Indians chase the American Dream, some find their fortunes closer to home. Navnath Yewle, a chaiwala from Pune, is one such success story, earning INR 15 lakh a month by selling thousands of cups of tea daily.

Navnath’s entrepreneurial journey began with his father, Dashrath Yewle, who started the family business in 1983 after moving to Pune from Purandar. Originally a milk seller, Dashrath later rented a shop and opened the Yewle Tea House. By adding snacks to the menu, he attracted a loyal customer base. After his death in 2001, his sons took over and expanded the business significantly.

Today, Yewle Tea House operates three outlets, employing 10 to 12 workers each. With an eye on further expansion, Navnath plans to open 100 outlets across Pune and other major cities, and even aims to enter international markets like Dubai and Bangkok.

Navnath’s success is a result of meticulous research and standardization. He ensured the tea’s consistency by boiling water with tea leaves for exactly seven minutes and boiling milk twice to achieve the desired texture. This dedication to quality has made Yewle Amrutulaya Chai a local favorite.

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rise from a tea seller to political power, Navnath views his tea business as both a personal triumph and a means to provide employment for others. His ambitious expansion plans are expected to create over 10,000 jobs.

For travelers, a road trip from Mumbai to Pune offers not only scenic views but also the chance to experience the famed Yewle Tea House. Navnath proudly declares, “Our Amrutulaya Chai is different, special, and unique,” inviting everyone to taste the success brewed in every cup.