Purnima Nath is campaigning for US Congress in Wisconsin

Indian American entrepreneur Purnima Nath has thrown her hat into the political ring, announcing her candidacy for the US Congress from Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. Representing the Republican Party, Nath aims to inject what she terms “common-sense leadership” into Congress, advocating for justice and security.

In a statement shared on X, Nath, the founder of Spindle India, Inc., a non-profit focused on bolstering US-India relations, expressed her excitement at the opportunity, citing the blessings of her Guru. Known for her community initiatives, Nath is also the driving force behind IndiaFest Milwaukee, an annual event celebrating the Indian culture and fostering unity among diverse communities.

Currently holding the position of secretary at the Republican Party of Milwaukee County, Nath is deeply involved in local politics. She further solidified her political engagement by securing the role of elected alternate delegate for the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Emphasizing her immigrant background, Nath highlights her unique perspective on geopolitical issues that directly impact American lives, education, and economic prosperity. She envisions herself as a staunch advocate for justice and security, qualities she believes are lacking in the current political landscape.

Nath’s campaign is grounded in addressing pressing community challenges, decrying the encroachment of political correctness and advocating for safer streets, reduced tax burdens, and unbiased education. Her platform underscores the importance of national and border security, combating terrorism, and promoting economic growth.

Armed with an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business and a background in engineering, Nath brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her professional experience as a management consultant for multinational corporations informs her approach to governance and policymaking.

Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District, which encompasses several key communities including Brown Deer, River Hills, and Wauwatosa, will witness Nath’s bid for representation as she aims to challenge the prevailing left-leaning political influence that has endured since 1949. Nath sees this as a pivotal moment for her community and the nation at large, urging for a departure from divisive politics and a renewed focus on progress and prosperity.