Ramesh Bhutada, a prominent Indian-American philanthropist based in Houston, has once again demonstrated his commitment to supporting Hindu causes in the United States. During a recent gala hosted by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), Bhutada announced a generous donation of USD 1 million over the span of four years.

This significant contribution follows Bhutada’s earlier support for Hindu education in the US, exemplified by his USD 1 million donation to the Hindu University of America in March 2023. The Florida-based institution stands as a unique bastion of Hindu philosophy-based education in the country.

The gala attendees, buoyed by Bhutada’s pledge, further bolstered the cause with an additional USD 450,000 in donations. Among the notable speakers at the event was Sundar Iyer, a tech entrepreneur hailing from Silicon Valley. Iyer shared his personal ordeal of facing allegations of caste-based discrimination, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant against such baseless accusations.

Drawing attention to recent legislative efforts, Iyer highlighted California’s proposed SB403 bill, which aimed to address caste discrimination but faced criticism for its potential to unfairly target Indian and Hindu communities. Governor Gavin Newsom ultimately vetoed the bill, but Iyer cautioned against the lingering threat posed by anti-Hindu activists seeking to influence corporate and municipal policies.

Suhag Shukla, the executive director of HAF, echoed Iyer’s sentiments, stressing the community’s need to remain vigilant and united against unfounded allegations. The collaboration between philanthropists like Bhutada and advocacy organizations like HAF underscores the ongoing efforts to safeguard Hindu interests and promote cultural understanding in the United States.