RegulatingAI, a newly established nonprofit led by Indian American Sanjay Puri, recently grabbed the spotlight on Capitol Hill. At a congressional briefing held on March 29, the organization shed light on crucial issues surrounding AI regulation, urging Congress to take action.

During the briefing, RegulatingAI emphasized the need to address various challenges in AI regulation, such as different approaches to regulation worldwide, ethical concerns, transparency, privacy, and international collaboration. The event stressed the importance of bringing together different stakeholders to advocate for responsible and fair AI practices.

Featuring two panel discussions with speakers from the US, EU, India, and Africa, the briefing aimed for global representation. Sanjay Puri, in the first panel, stressed the importance of global coordination in AI regulation, highlighting the technology’s borderless nature. He emphasized the value of learning from each other’s best practices.

The second panel, moderated by Michael Taylor from RegulatingAI, echoed Puri’s views, emphasizing the unique challenges AI poses to governments and regulators. Attendees at the briefing included key congressional staff, indicating the significance of these discussions in shaping AI legislation in the United States.

As AI continues to play a growing role across industries, discussions on its use have become increasingly common. Standardized policies and governance frameworks are crucial in navigating this landscape effectively. RegulatingAI aims to bring diverse voices together to shape AI regulation and provides a Global AI Expert Network to inform policymakers.

Sanjay Puri, a technology leader and founder of USINPAC, hosts the podcast “Regulating AI: Innovate Responsibly,” exploring the complex world of AI governance.