State Bank of India (SBI), the largest public sector bank in India, offers convenient ways for NRIs to open a bank account both online and offline. NRIs often need an Indian bank account for sending and receiving money or for managing business affairs in India. With its extensive branch network in India and presence in many countries worldwide, SBI is a preferred choice for many NRIs.

To open an SBI account, NRIs need to collect and fill the NRI Application Form. This form must be attested by an SBI official, the Indian consulate, or notarized locally. The completed form, along with a copy of the passport and an initial remittance, should be submitted to a convenient SBI branch in India offering internet banking services. Alternatively, these documents can be handed over to a nearby SBI branch if available. The application must include instructions specifying the branch in India where the account is to be opened.

For NRIs visiting India, the procedure is similar to that for resident Indians. To apply online, visit , click on ‘Online SB Account Application’, or download the form from the website under Registration Forms. Submit the completed form, along with two passport-size photographs and KYC documents, at an SBI branch. An initial deposit is required to open the account.

Additionally, SBI offers NRI home loans and allows joint accounts with children of any age. Children above 10 years can have their own accounts with certain financial limits. This comprehensive service makes SBI a versatile banking option for NRIs.