Raipur-based SBL Energy, a prominent player in the mining and industrial explosives sector, has secured a substantial investment of Rs 325 crore from a consortium of esteemed investors, including Synergy Capital, India SME Investments, and equity market player Mukul Agrawal. With this infusion of capital, SBL Energy is poised to expand its manufacturing footprint and introduce cutting-edge products to the market, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Operating alongside its group entities, SBL manages state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across Raipur, Nagpur, and Rourkela, specializing in bulk, slurry, and emulsion explosives. Moreover, its diverse product portfolio includes detonating fuse, NONEL, cast boosters, and electronic detonators. Boasting nearly three decades of operational excellence, SBL Energy commands a significant 10% market share, catering primarily to critical sectors such as mining, infrastructure, and the burgeoning defense industry. Not confined to domestic operations alone, SBL Energy proudly exports its comprehensive range of products and services to over 20 countries worldwide, showcasing its global competitiveness.

Sanjay Choudhari, Director of SBL Energy Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Synergy Capital, India SME Investments, and Mr. Mukul Agrawal, citing their visionary approach and instrumental role in propelling SBL towards global prominence. The injected capital underscores SBL’s unwavering commitment to enhancing product quality and service delivery, reinforcing its reputation as a preferred choice among customers and stakeholders alike.

Utilizing the raised capital strategically, SBL Energy plans to expand its manufacturing capacities within India and launch innovative products to meet evolving market demands effectively. Emphasizing innovation and adaptability, SBL Energy aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the sector, thereby ensuring sustained growth and market leadership.

Sudhir Maheshwari, Founder & Managing Partner of Synergy Capital, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting SBL’s exceptional capabilities in industrial and mining explosives manufacturing. Synergy Capital is committed to supporting SBL’s ambitious expansion plans both domestically and internationally, thereby facilitating the company’s journey towards greater success and global recognition.