Shelly Bulchandani, hailing from Ajmer, Rajasthan, initiated her entrepreneurial journey with The Shell Hair in August 2020, a venture dedicated to delivering premium hair extension products. Specializing in 100% natural Remy Hair Extension Toppers, Bangs, and Colorful Streaks, The Shell Hair not only follows fashion trends but also addresses serious concerns like hair loss, particularly for individuals battling alopecia.

Amidst doubts, even from her own family, Shelly persevered and established a thriving business, retailing both online and offline. Her unwavering commitment has cultivated a substantial clientele appreciative of the brand’s emphasis on quality and affordability. The Shell Hair distinguishes itself by sourcing single donor hair and utilizing double-drawn Remy hair, ensuring uniform density and top-notch quality throughout its offerings.

With an eye on broadening marketing initiatives, Shelly aims to elevate her brand’s visibility nationally, aspiring to carve a significant niche in the hair extension domain. Starting her entrepreneurial endeavor while pursuing an MSc in IT from Aryan College, affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University, Shelly Bulchandani, at a youthful 24, exhibits exceptional resolve and ingenuity in venturing into the hair extension industry despite skepticism, even within her inner circle.

Commencing with a modest investment, Shelly has steered her business to substantial growth, leveraging her expertise in product development and marketing. Despite encountering hurdles, her resilience and unwavering commitment to quality have been instrumental in her journey thus far. The Shell Hair offers an array of hair extension solutions, from 100% natural Remy Hair Extension Toppers to Bangs and Colorful Streaks, appealing to both fashion-conscious individuals and those grappling with hair loss issues such as alopecia.

The startup’s unique proposition lies in its meticulous selection of single donor and double drawn Remy hair, ensuring superior quality, consistent density, and a seamlessly natural appearance for its extensions. Targeting a diverse clientele, from fashion aficionados to individuals seeking effective hair loss remedies, The Shell Hair capitalizes on the burgeoning market for quality hair solutions, operating seamlessly through online and offline channels to maximize outreach and accessibility.

In a compelling investment pitch, Shelly sought Rs 30 lakh for a 3% equity stake, valuing her company at Rs 10 crore. Demonstrating impressive sales growth across online and offline platforms, The Shell Hair garnered multiple offers from investors. Despite initial skepticism, Shelly’s unwavering passion and her brand’s potential captured the attention of investors. Ultimately, she opted for Aman’s offer of Rs 30 lakh for 5% equity, doubling the valuation to Rs 6 crore, drawn by his proactive stance and unwavering confidence in her business, heralding a promising trajectory for The Shell Hair’s expansion and market presence.