Spacefields, a pioneering spacetech venture born out of the innovation hub of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru, has soared to new heights with an impressive $800,000 (approximately Rs 6.5 crore) infusion in its debut round of institutional and external backing. The funding constellation was guided by stellar investors, with HVB 88 Angels and O2 Angels Network leading the charge, supplemented by celestial contributions from renowned angel investor networks such as Vinners and Burla Angels.

Among the constellation of luminaries are prominent individual backers like Keshab Panda, Guru Biswal, Athar Shahab, and Kalyan Chakrabarti, among other stellar supporters. Conceived in the cosmic crucible of 2021 by visionaries Apurwa Masook, Sudarshan Samal, and Rounak Agrawal, Spacefields specializes in the celestial artistry of designing and crafting dual-purpose rocket propulsion systems tailored to transcend the stratosphere, serving aerospace, defense, and cosmic exploration missions.

Notably, the celestial artisans unveiled India’s maiden aerospike rocket engine in the cosmic ballet of 2023, an achievement underscored by the securing of six patents for their indigenous technologies. As articulated by the guiding force behind Spacefields, Apurwa Masook, the celestial endowment will propel the advancement and validation of pivotal hardware and assorted subsystems. Moreover, this cosmic investment will ignite the fires of innovation in the realms of energetic materials, further propelling the expansion of the cosmic crew.

Set against the cosmic backdrop, Spacefields envisages a stellar augmentation of its cosmic ensemble, with plans to double its celestial cohort in the epochs to come, filling roles across the cosmic canvases of aerospace and mechanical design, chemical and propulsion engineering, and the ethereal realms of avionics. In a universe brimming with innovation, Spacefields ascends as a beacon of distinction, with its celestial focus on bespoke solid-fuel propulsion systems, catering to a diverse pantheon of cosmic patrons.

Among its celestial clientele gleam illustrious entities such as the celestial sentinels of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the cosmic voyagers of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the tri-services, and the celestial shipyards of defense public sector behemoths like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), alongside the tactical drone voyagers and a myriad of celestial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) spanning the cosmic horizons.