Hack2Skill, a burgeoning community platform dedicated to hackathons, has recently secured $1 million in a combined debt and equity financing round, co-led by Recur Club and String Ventures. Established in 2021 by Samkit Sharma, Hack2Skill sets out to revolutionize the landscape of hackathon management for communities and corporations alike. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools, the platform streamlines processes ranging from registration and team matchmaking to event timelines and internal communication.

This multifaceted approach not only elevates the hackathon experience but also cultivates a fertile ground for developers to expand their skill sets, collaborate on projects, and garner recognition for their endeavors. Samkit Sharma, the driving force behind Hack2Skill, envisions the platform as a catalyst for change within the tech community, seeking to empower individuals worldwide by fostering talent development and innovation.

With a vibrant community boasting over 3 million tech enthusiasts, including startups, professionals, freelancers, and student innovators, Hack2Skill stands as a beacon of collaboration and growth within the industry. Bolstered by the recent capital infusion, the startup aims to bolster its marketing initiatives, drive product innovation, and fortify its sales operations, solidifying its standing as India’s premier and fastest-growing technology innovator community.

The backing from Recur Club and String Ventures transcends mere financial support, representing a strategic alignment aimed at advancing Hack2Skill’s mission. Leveraging Recur Club’s track record of disbursing over $100 million to 500+ companies and String Ventures’ expertise in nurturing high-value SaaS platforms, this partnership brings invaluable resources and knowledge to the table. This synergistic collaboration is poised to propel Hack2Skill’s trajectory, enabling the platform to attract a broader user base, explore novel avenues for community engagement, and enhance its AI capabilities to foster even greater collaboration and innovation.