Stonepeak, a leading alternative investment firm, has proudly announced the successful closure of its highly anticipated Asia Infrastructure Fund, amassing an impressive $3.3 billion in capital commitments. This milestone not only marks Stonepeak’s inaugural venture into a dedicated Asia strategy but also exceeds its initial target by surpassing the $3 billion mark.

The fund’s remarkable success in attracting substantial interest is evidenced by its ability to secure investments from both esteemed existing partners and new investors alike. Designed to construct a diversified portfolio spanning crucial sectors such as communications, transport and logistics, and energy, the Asia Infrastructure Fund holds a strategic vision for growth and development across the Asia-Pacific region.

With a wide-reaching geographic mandate, the fund is poised to capitalize on opportunities in both developed and high-growth countries throughout Asia. Notably, the fund has already executed six investments across its target sectors, underscoring its proactive approach in realizing its strategic objectives.

Hajir Naghdy, expressing his enthusiasm, stated, “The robust demand for this fund underscores Asia’s compelling long-term economic and demographic tailwinds. It also serves as a resounding endorsement from our partners, including many of the world’s most sophisticated investors, affirming Stonepeak’s capability to leverage the associated investment opportunities.”

Jack Howell and Luke Taylor, co-presidents of Stonepeak, emphasized, “This represents a pivotal moment for infrastructure investment in Asia, as the necessity for digital assets, less carbon-intensive energy sources, and modern logistics infrastructure becomes increasingly urgent across the region.” Bolstered by a dedicated team of 49 professionals stationed across key Asian hubs including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, and Tokyo, Stonepeak is well-equipped to provide robust support to its portfolio companies across the region.

This expansion not only reinforces Stonepeak’s foothold in Asia but also aligns with its overarching global strategy of investing in infrastructure and real assets. With total assets under management now standing at an impressive $61.1 billion, Stonepeak reaffirms its commitment to driving sustainable growth and value creation in the infrastructure investment landscape.