Terra Invest, backed by former US ambassador Kirk Wagar, intends to deploy a substantial portion of its $2.5-billion fund into Indian artificial intelligence (AI) startups by 2025. Operating on a deal-based model, the firm has already executed transactions exceeding $230 million.

Wagar highlighted India’s role as a critical proving ground for investments and policy, crucial for potential expansions into regions like Riyadh and Malaysia. Terra Invest focuses on AI startups developing solutions for financial services, healthcare distribution, and clean energy, leveraging its deep policy and regulatory expertise.

Unlike traditional firms, Terra Invest adopts a patient investment strategy, accommodating flexible timelines for optimal returns. Wagar emphasized India’s improved regulatory landscape and market accessibility, making it attractive for global investors with enhanced exit options.

Led by financial and public policy veterans and supported by prominent Asian family offices and funds, Terra Invest positions itself strategically with offices in London and the UAE. This initiative underscores India’s emergence as a pivotal hub for AI innovation and investment.

Source: Money Control