Vijya Fintech Private Limited (VFPL), a prominent wealth management firm, has successfully concluded an angel funding round, securing a substantial Rs 7 crore investment, thereby raising its cumulative funding to an impressive Rs 15 crore. Co-founded by Aakash Bansal and Paresh Paladiya, VFPL is committed to revolutionizing the fintech landscape through its VFPL secures Rs 7 crore in angel funding, eyes expansion & innovation in fintech. Launching MIDASX for seamless financial integration.innovative solutions tailored for investors, distributors, advisors, and stockbrokers.

This recent funding round witnessed the participation of esteemed investors, including Lemon Tech, Lemon Emerging Ventures, Veloce Fintech, along with notable tech experts, including CXO-level executives from leading global tech firms based in the USA. Expressing his excitement about the development, Aakash Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO of Vijya Fintech, remarked, “We are thrilled to embark on this next phase of our journey. The unwavering support from our Board, investors, users, and teams underscores their confidence in our vision and capabilities.

The infusion of fresh capital will propel our growth trajectory, enabling us to deliver digital-first affordable solutions to financial intermediaries through MADOSX and MIDASX.” With the newfound financial backing, VFPL aims to expedite its expansion initiatives, fine-tune its go-to-market strategies, and broaden its market presence. The firm boasts a user base of over 2,000 intermediaries currently leveraging its platform. Furthermore, VFPL is gearing up to launch MIDASX, a B2B2C marketplace poised to redefine financial interactions and facilitate seamless integration for various financial intermediaries.

Echoing similar sentiments on the significance of technological advancement, Paresh Paladiya, Co-Founder & CTO of Vijya Fintech, emphasized, “At Vijya Fintech, we firmly believe that technology holds the key to unlocking a more inclusive and efficient financial landscape in India. The infusion of funds will enable us to build a cutting-edge, scalable platform that can rival global systems. Leveraging our talented team, we are poised to revolutionize Indian finance, one transformative technology at a time.”

Not content with mere expansion, VFPL is deeply committed to fostering innovation. The firm plans to harness the latest advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide enhanced insights and personalized solutions to its clientele. This forward-looking approach includes integrating the Account Aggregator framework and developing MADOSX (Multi-Asset Distribution Operating System), heralding a new era in investor behavior and money management.