Making chapatis and pooris daily can feel like a tiresome task, especially if you lack expertise in the kitchen. Achieving that perfect round shape effortlessly demands skill and practice. With many struggling to whip up round pooris or rotis in a jiffy, numerous internet videos offer time-saving hacks for these Indian breads. Recently, Instagram user Ruchi Kewat (@itz__ruchi____123) shared a clip demonstrating a lightning-fast method to prepare 5 round pooris in the blink of an eye, sans the rolling pin!

The viral video has garnered over 5 million views. It commences with the digital creator forming uniform balls of kneaded dough, placing them strategically on a plastic sheet to prevent sticking. Then, covering the dough balls with another sheet, she gently presses each one with a rolling board. Voila! Miniature, perfectly round pooris emerge, ready for deep frying and savoring.

In the comments section, numerous Instagram users hailed the tip and pledged to give it a whirl. One exclaimed, “Awesome idea…mai bhi try krungi. [I will also try this].” Another chimed in, “Actually it’s a super idea.”

“Mai to bahut kuch seekh rRahi hu insta se…super idea. [I am learning a lot from Instagram…superb idea],” wrote another. Acknowledging the necessity of this trick in their lives, a user remarked, “Ye trick to mujhe bhi apnani padegi. [I also need to adapt this trick].” Some foresaw its utility when entertaining guests. “Relatives ke liye to bht acha work krega ye technique wowww. [This technique will work greatly for relatives].

Are you tempted to give this trick a shot at home?

Prior to this, another viral video showcased a time-saving technique for crafting perfectly round rotis. In that clip, a woman rolled out the dough entirely, then used a large bowl to shape the rotis. Read all about it here.