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Ziyyara, an online tuition platform headquartered in Delhi, has recently announced its expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with a vision to empower 10,000 students through accessible, high-quality education. This move reflects the growing demand for adaptable and effective learning solutions within the UAE’s diverse educational ecosystem.

Established in 2018 by Badar Barwani and Kavita Sharma, Ziyyara seeks to bridge students globally with experienced tutors, offering personalized guidance tailored to individual learning styles and curriculum needs. The company’s core mission revolves around delivering a tailored learning experience. Kavita Sharma, Co-Founder of Ziyyara Education, underscored the platform’s commitment to providing students with the flexibility and personalized attention essential for academic achievement.

“Our platform is designed to give students the flexibility and personalized attention they require for academic success, adapting to their evolving educational needs,” Sharma remarked. Ziyyara’s features include flexible scheduling, the ability to select tutors, and seamless transitions between tutors, ensuring that each student can mold their educational journey to suit their preferences.

Recognizing the diverse needs of students in the UAE, Ziyyara offers a unique blend of features tailored to this heterogeneous population. The platform boasts access to a global pool of certified instructors, encompassing native English speakers and UAE nationals, to align with students’ curricula (such as CBSE, Cambridge, IB) and cultural backgrounds.

Students can customize their education, focusing on exam preparation, flexible scheduling, and continuous academic assistance. Leveraging technological advancements, Ziyyara has crafted a forward-looking learning platform that equips students to excel in the digital era. By operating in an online environment, the platform eliminates commuting hassles, offers scheduling flexibility, and enables efficient learning despite students’ hectic schedules.

Moreover, Ziyyara upholds rigorous standards in tutor recruitment, including background checks and qualification assessments, to ensure the delivery of top-tier online education, with a primary focus on nations like India, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia, Ziyyara claims to have supported over 5,000 students and aims to onboard 20,000 students by 2025.