Zvolv, a hyperautomation startup, has secured $2 million in a strategic funding round led by Silverneedle Ventures, with backing from existing investors, JSW Ventures. The infusion of funds aims to bolster the company’s low-code/no-code (LCNC) hyperautomation capabilities while integrating generative AI tools into its suite of offerings. Established in 2018 by former Apple and Texas Instruments employees, Hardik Gandhi and Sujoy Chakravarty, respectively, Zvolv has emerged as a key player in the LCNC hyperautomation arena.

Recently, the company unveiled the ‘Z-wall’, a generative AI trust orchestration engine, alongside the latest iteration of its LCNC Hyperautomation Microservices Platform. The ‘Z-wall’ empowers enterprises to swiftly integrate AI and automation features into their operations, ensuring secure and scalable utilization of generative AI. Additionally, Zvolv provides over 100 solution accelerators tailored for diverse sectors, including retail operations, supply chain management, and HR/Finance operations.

These accelerators enable businesses to swiftly tackle operational inefficiencies, slashing the time and costs associated with traditional code-based development methods. The infusion of capital will fuel Zvolv’s quest to expand its technological prowess and solidify its market presence, particularly in the United States. Zvolv’s innovative platform facilitates rapid application development and seamless integration, unlocking efficiency gains across various enterprise applications.

With a keen eye on the US market, the company plans to forge partnerships with resellers and establish a direct presence, with a special focus on the healthcare sector. Hardik Gandhi, CEO of Zvolv, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Silverneedle Ventures, particularly as they venture deeper into the US healthcare landscape. The collaboration underscores Zvolv’s commitment to revolutionizing hyperautomation and driving innovation in enterprise solutions.