Nikin Tharan Podcast

Student, Startups and Success Secrets with Nikin Tharan on Indian Community

The Student’s Roadmap to Becoming a Job Magnet in Today’s Market | EB1A Green Card & Employability Strategies

This episode of the Indian community podcast features host Amit Gupta, co-host Rahul Mehra, and guest Nikin Tharan, an EB1A Einstein green card recipient and entrepreneur. Nikin shares his journey from being a child innovator recognized by the president of India to founding a VC-backed mental health startup and authoring ‘Unshackled’.

The discussion focuses on strategies for immigrant students and recent graduates in the USA to enhance employability, including understanding the EB1A visa, leveraging hackathons for experience, utilizing LinkedIn for networking and job opportunities, and actionable tips for becoming more hireable in a competitive job market.

Additionally, Nikin offers insights into starting entrepreneurship right after university, emphasizing on validating ideas before fully committing.