Vrishin Subramaniam

This is How IMMIGRANTS Become MILLIONAIRES in America

Helping Immigrants Become Millionaires: Vrishin Subramaniam’s Financial Wisdom | Indian Community Podcast

In this episode of the Indian Community Podcast, host Amit Gupta interviews Vrishin Subramaniam, the founder of CapitalWe, about his journey from a new immigrant in the US to a pioneer in financial planning for immigrants. Vrishin shares his personal experiences and challenges as a student in the US, his transition from product management to entrepreneurship, and the inception of CapitalWe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He discusses the financial gaps immigrants face and emphasizes the role of financial planning in wealth building. Vrishin also addresses common misconceptions about investment and the importance of setting goals, protecting assets through insurance, and creating an estate plan. Furthermore, he touches on the EB-5 visa, investing in India, and his personal interests. The conversation concludes with advice on the importance of living in the present and prioritizing financial and immigration goals.