Konstantin Riabtsev Podcast

Building a Healthier India: Konstantin Riabtsev on Modernizing India’s Healthcare

In this episode of the Indian Community Podcast, hosts Amit Gupta and Rahul Mehra interview Konstantin Riabtsev, CEO and co-founder of Lifetime Health. Konstantin shares his personal journey, including a pivotal heart surgery at age 18, which inspired him to transform the healthcare industry. With experience in product and marketing at VK.com, he merged his expertise and vision to create Lifetime Health—a service aiming to consolidate healthcare records and services into a single digital platform.

Konstantin discusses the challenges and solutions in modernizing healthcare in India, particularly focusing on standardization, digital records, quality control, and training for medical staff. He emphasizes the company’s mission to improve healthcare accessibility and quality in India, starting with Bangalore. Konstantin also shares his thoughts on the unhealthy dietary habits contributing to lifestyle diseases in India. The episode concludes with advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and a vision for the future where people live healthier and longer lives.