Minali Agrawal Podcast

Toy Industry Revolution: Minali Agarwal’s Inspirational PepPlay Journey on Indian.Community

This episode of the Indian Community Podcast features an inspiring conversation with Minali Agrawal, the founder of PepPlay, an innovative, educational, and eco-friendly toy company in India. Minali shares her transition from a techie at Accenture to a pioneering entrepreneur in the toy industry, highlighting her company’s challenges and successes.

The discussion covers PepPlay’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing, the importance of BIS certification for toy safety standards in India, and the impact of governmental policies on the toy industry. Minali also discusses PepPlay’s diverse product range, designed to engage children creatively and sustainably, and shares plans for future initiatives.

Additionally, insights into the significance of incorporating Indian culture into toys and the potential for international expansion are explored.