In the realm of cinema, Bobby Deol, having recently portrayed the formidable Abrar in ‘Animal’, now gears up to embody yet another intriguing antagonist in an upcoming YRF spy universe film starring Alia Bhatt and Sharvari Wagh. The character he is set to portray is poised in the shades of grey, promising a portrayal of moral ambiguity unlike any he’s undertaken before.

Sources revealed to that Bobby Deol, brimming with excitement during the narration, views this character as a captivating follow-up to his recent success in ‘Animal’, anticipating its resonance with the audience. As he delves into this role, Bobby is not merely exploring the depths of character but also undergoing physical transformations, experimenting with diverse hairstyles and appearances to authentically embody the essence of the character.

Furthermore, Bobby Deol’s cinematic journey extends beyond the confines of this spy thriller. His next venture, ‘Kanguva’, directed by Siruthai Siva, heralds his debut in the South Indian film industry. In this grand-scale production, Bobby assumes the role of Udhiran, alongside Suriya, who portrays the enigmatic Kanguva alias Kangaa. The film, poised for release in 10 languages, stands as an ambitious fantasy action spectacle, backed by a staggering budget exceeding Rs 300 crore.

Joining Suriya and Bobby Deol in this cinematic extravaganza are an ensemble cast featuring Disha Patani, Natarajan Subramaniam, Jagapathi Babu, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, Kovai Sarala, Anandaraj, Marimuthu, Deepa Venkat, Ravi Raghavendra, and KS Ravikumar, each contributing to the tapestry of the narrative with their distinctive roles.