Ed Sheeran’s recent jaunt to India was nothing short of vibrant and indulgent, to say the least. For days, social media platforms buzzed with snapshots of the British singer-songwriter’s escapades across Mumbai. From his dynamic performances alongside Diljit Dosanjh and Armaan Malik to hobnobbing with Shah Rukh Khan and showcasing his cricket skills with Shubhman Gill, each image and video became the talk of the town, eliciting fervent reactions from fans worldwide. 

Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, there lay a tale of indulgence that caught the eye. Curious about the details? Look no further than his latest Instagram post, where Sheeran continues to marvel at the allure of the Indian experience. Days following his electrifying concert, Sheeran treated his followers to a captivating video encapsulating his Indian sojourn. Opening with snippets from his performance and fan interactions, the latter half of the video seized our attention with a delightful twist.

Witness the singer immersing himself in the art of crafting Mumbai’s beloved street food staple, ‘Misal Pav’, alongside Chef Sanjyot Keer. But the culinary adventure doesn’t conclude there. The footage tantalizes viewers with glimpses of Sheeran relishing plates of sumptuous butter chicken, further cementing his love for Indian cuisine.

Accompanying the video, Sheeran pens, “A round-up of the India tour trip! Can’t wait to come back….” — sentiments undoubtedly shared by many. Now, if the sight of Sheeran savoring misal pav and butter chicken has set your taste buds tingling, fear not. We’ve got just the solution. Set aside some time this weekend, venture into your kitchen, and recreate these delectable recipes for yourself. And the best part? We’ve got the recipes right here, ready for your culinary escapades.